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HI, I’m Alastair Chrystal and I am a fully LCH Dip Certified Life and Business Coach. Here are just a few words to tell you something about me personally and professionally…

On the personal front I am pleased that most Individuals refer to my outlook on life as being one of glass “half full” rather than “half empty”.  From a young age my philosophy was about trying new things that gave me a sense of fulfilment rather than doing it for the sake of it. This has always served me well as I have always believed that anyone can achieve what they want if they are committed enough. This has led my wife Helen to state that she believes my epitaph should be “no-one could ever say he didn’t try”. This always makes me smile…….

My professional life started back in the 80’s when, fuelled by my own mother’s success in a similar environment,  I took my first career steps working in a bureaucratic role for a Government department. It did not take me long to realise that this was “not me” so I decided to open my eyes and go for what I really wanted from my career – travel, variety and opportunities to enjoy life. This was the start of 35 years working in Commercial and General Management roles during which period my employers have ranged from large International Corporations to family owned SME’s. My journey has included working extensively in the UK, Europe, Middle East and the USA during which time I not only developed a comprehensive knowledge of how to mange and grow a business from scratch but I also gained invaluable expertise of how to recruit, train, and build successful teams. My niche of naturally being able to motivate others is what led me into a career in professional coaching,

My future vision is to share this accumulated wealth of experience with individuals who have unfulfilled dreams or with open minded business leaders who have the desire and commitment to invest in themselves and their team members.