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Business Owner

I have been a Salesperson for 30 years including leadership roles up to Sales Director
level for 18 of those. I also own my own company.

For several years I have been mindful of deficiencies in my skills and have long
considered that a career and skills coach would be a useful ally one’s career. I needed
help as I was becoming lost. My own ambitions and motivations were becoming lost. I had
started to lose confidence in my abilities.

Something needed to change, but I needed guidance. As such, I approached Alastair
Chrystal at Optimus Coaching, who was recommended to me by a mutual acquaintance.

If you are not sure what to expect from a career coach or are cynical about what you can
achieve by working with one, then you need to have confidence in the person who will
drive the “process” with you. If you want to make positive changes in your career and you
are prepared to be honest with yourself and are motivated, then Alastair Chrystal can help

Amongst his many strengths, Alastair has 2 great attributes as a career coach.
1.He has been successful in business. Not only as a commercial leader but as a
leader of people. He knows what you are going through because he has
successfully navigated it himself and for others in his teams.
2.He has a tremendous ability to look at you as an individual and manage you in such
a manner as to draw your strengths from you whilst helping you to manage your
development areas. He will coach you on your terms.

Functionally, he will be able to support you in those practical activities such as working on
CVs, covering letters and interview techniques. But the best value is delivered when you
engage with him for change.

During my coaching sessions, I was reminded of my strengths and we worked through my
weak areas. I was determined to get to the truth about myself in a working context, both as
a leader and as an employee. Where was I going wrong? Alastair was able to facilitate

and guide me through some very tricky sessions. He did not go through the motions of a
process hoping that there would be some sort of shallow outcome and actions. You see,
his real gift is to, listen to and question you so that you are comfortably manoeuvred into a
position where being open and honest comfortable. It is at this point where he unlocks the
value of the coaching sessions. Whilst you are struggling to identify your issues, you are
actually been guided by an intuitively gifted person who knows exactly what you are
dealing with and can coach you to find your own practical solutions that will work for you.

If you are reading this wondering if you are going to get any value for money from Alastair
Chrystal, then stop right now. What you should be asking yourself is: Am I brave enough to
be truthful with myself and am I motivated enough to do something about the answers I
find to improve my career?

Alastair re-orientated me to help me find myself at work again. Sure, we rewrote the CV
and came up with some covering letter templates which gave me the confidence to start
applying for the roles I thought I wanted. He taught me to run my due diligence on
potential new employers so that I can avoid the mistakes of the past. I even withdrew from
an interview process as I spotted the employer type which would be toxic for my career.
But something else happened. I realised what was truly making me unhappy.

7 Months after I started the process, I have started my own company specialising in selling
products that I want to sell into areas of the market that I find absolutely fascinating. I am
happy again and cannot recommend Alastair as a coach highly enough.

JF Roberts